Piano Post3

The American Piano Institute (API) of which I am now Artistic Director, is an organization committed to promote public awareness about the benefits of learning music, playing the piano, understanding Piano History & Technology and attending live concerts. With funding from the historic Hollywood Piano Company -since 1928 the main purveyor of pianos to the film industry- we are strong supporters of numerous orchestras and art programs for kids in Southern California and beyond.

On the industry side, API coordinates with piano manufacturers and rebuilders worldwide putting together the best of piano choices and simply guiding our customers through a sometimes confusing market. Our guidance assists in leading people to sound decisions and substantial savings.

Unlike the old days when pianos were made with family pride, piano manufacturing today is dominated by hedge funds companies and mega-corporations with mass production capacities of 120,000 pianos per year. They are also the owners of the most prestigious brands from old days… Now a brand name may not be synonymous of a particular quality: three or four levels of quality may be presented under the same name or company. The same product may adopt different names and prices… And one corporation may cater to the other, adding to the cost. The best buying choices may or may not be the few highly promoted brands the public recognize the most. Reputable brands with identical or superior quality products may cost substantially less.