About Us

The American Piano Institute was founded to foster interest in the piano.  The piano is one of the most beloved instruments in all of history.  It has the versatility to play an unlimited variety of music styles and is the only instrument that covers in its range every pitch in a symphony orchestra.

We live in a society where music education is not supported by our schools in the manor it once was.  In recent years sales of pianos nationwide have dropped dramatically.  The American Piano Institute’s mission is to promote and support appreciation of the piano.

We foster appreciation of the piano by getting piano makers to support music events such as sponsorships of major symphony orchestras for piano concertos and other concerts.  We have been instrumental in arranging piano competitions including the Rachmaninoff International Piano Competition at the Walt Disney Hall is Los Angeles.  We also work to promote music in schools by offering school districts free piano concerts to expose children to the beauty of piano music.

How do we promote the piano?  We do this by working with piano manufacturers, distributors, Steinway piano re-builders, and retailers by helping them sell excess inventory at major sales events.  Theses events represent a great opportunity for the public to purchase a new or pre-owned piano from a very motivated manufacturer, distributor, piano re-builder or retailer at a huge saving off of the usual retail prices.

Our goal at The American Piano Institute is to broaden the interest in pianos and piano music and to bring piano music into as many homes as possible.